Planned Litter (s) 
Steps to owning one of our pups
A lot of careful thought, training, planning and consideration goes into each litter. We aren't breeding to put puppies on the ground, we're doing it with love and because we're adding a new family member or because one of our partners/friends/puppy families are ready for a new pup. 

1. Contact us and we'll share future plans: 

2. If the timing is good for you and we’re both comfortable, we will ‘put you on the list”. It’s a limited list that includes color and gender preferences, if you have any. You’ve chosen us as a breeder and we’ve chosen you. 

3. 7 days after puppies are born, we'll marvel at our litter, boys, girls, browns, whites, etc and we will send you (via email) a copy of our contract (or ask earlier). 21 days after puppies are born we ask for the signed contract and a deposit of $250.00.

4. Our litters are "themed", see previous litter page, we ask for AKC registration name by the time your pup is 4 weeks old. This allows time to register them with the AKC. 

5. Pick-up date for puppies is 8-weeks or the weekend following their 8-week birthday. We have tried many pick up ages and this is when they're ready. 8 weeks isn’t a 'fear' period and the pups are ready to spend the next 8 week puppy-development-cycle with you. We are more than happy to keep a puppy for additional socialization/training and will do so for a fee. 

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As the puppies grow we are carefully evaluating them, taking into consideration temperament, conformation, personality and hunting interest. As they develop we begin to get a feel for each of the puppies and which are suited to each home. We take into consideration lifestyle, interests with the puppy (hunting, showing, agility, therapy, etc) and also your preferences, like gender and color. It’s important to know we’ll make the final decision about the best pup for you, but are always open to input.

We are one of the first Puppy Culture Spinoni breeders, and have embraced the raising philosophies for the last several years. The program has formalized and scientifically supported our rasing practices and we're thrilled to incorporate and share with our puppy families.  

Our puppies will all be AKC registered and sold on a limited registration unless we agree otherwise; in advance. Limited registration is used to prevent irresponsible breeding and to protect our breeding lines.

Collina d'Oro adults and puppies are given the best nutritionals start possible; we feed a canine appropriate diet, which includes a combination of premium kibble, supplemented by home-cooked human grade foods, and important supplements. Upon my retirement, I will feed raw food and home cooked, but with today's busy schedule, we do the best we can. 

Our puppies are introduced to solid food at 3 weeks to include a natural and gradual weaning schedule, to include goat's milk, pasteurized organic eggs and kibble 'dust'. We allow puppies to self wean, usually about 7 weeks, from their mothers and they are surrounded by their Grandmother's, Aunties and lots of canine and feline friends. 


With respect to vaccines, we encourage the protocol recommended by Dr. Ronald Schultz, Dr. Jean Dodds and Dr. Don Hamilton, DVM's. This means that puppies are not vaccinated until at least 10 weeks of age (prior to this their mother’s antibodies interfere with the vaccine, potentially negating its effectiveness). Dr. Hamilton advises that puppies over 10 weeks receive single distemper and parvo vaccine, spaced several weeks apart (10 weeks and 14-16 weeks). Rabies is to be administered when the immune system is more mature, the recommended age being at least 6 months (however it may vary according to legal requirements). Puppies go home at 8 weeks, but still have Mother's immunity, as demonstrated through the nomograph, which we will test at 3 weeks old:  

We do not use chemical flea or tick treatments, heartworm or other chemical based treatments. We use biodegradable natural cleaners (such as baking soda and vinegar) and rely on a combination of traditional and homeopathic vets. 

If you are not interested, or unwilling, to consider alternatives, our puppies are not for you. We're willing to talk about our experiences, and positive results. If we chose one another, we will share all we've learned and personally experiences. Our only goal is to protect, not poison.  

All puppies are raised in our home, in the center of the action. We believe in the Bio-Sensor program for early neurological stimulation which resulting in smarter more confident dogs. We also practice The Rule of 7's: by 7 weeks the puppy should have experienced 7 different: people, places, surfaces, challenges, objects, etc.

Every puppy or adult is ALWAYS welcome back in our home!

Puppy Placement and Raising Philosophy
Susan Dean and Collina Baia, Hill over the Bay
Dibs is the Sire, bred by Collina d'Oro and the Dam is Del Subasio Ughetta Fiamma, Fia, a girl imported from Italy. 
If you are considering submitting an application, please scroll below for more information about how we raise our puppies and our expectations. 
PUPPIES BORN 5 boys, 4 girls
GCH Collina d'Oro Rock me like a Hurricane, Dibs
Del Subasio Ughetta di Fiamma, JH.  Fia 
Addie and Atty are expecting puppies in March 2020