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Litter 2022
We are very excited to have confirmed puppies are going to be here in IN AUGUST 2022. They will go home the weekend of October 21, 2022. 
Please read a little about our raising and breeding philosophies on our Previous Litters page, and more on vaccinations below:
 collinadorospinone@yahoo.com and complete our puppy placement application for consideration. 

Collina d'Oro adults and puppies are given the best nutritional start possible; we feed a canine appropriate diet, which includes a combination of premium kibble, supplemented by raw and home-cooked human grade foods and important supplements. 

Our puppies are introduced to solid food at 3 weeks to include a natural and gradual weaning schedule, to include goat's milk, organic eggs, raw  to include fish, beef and turkey (muscle and organ) and kibble. We allow puppies to self wean, usually about 7 weeks, from their mothers and they are surrounded by their Grandmother, Aunties and lots of canine friends. 


With respect to vaccines, we encourage the protocol recommended by Dr. Ronald Schultz, Dr. Jean Dodds and  Dr. Don Hamilton, DVM's. This means that puppies are not vaccinated until 8-10 weeks of age (prior to this their mother’s antibodies interfere with the vaccine, potentially negating its effectiveness). Dr. Hamilton advises that puppies over 10 weeks receive single distemper and parvo vaccine, spaced several weeks apart (10 weeks and 14-16 weeks). Rabies is to be administered when the immune system is more mature, the recommended age being at least 6 months (however it  may vary according to legal requirements). Puppies go home at 8 weeks, but still have Mother's immunity, as demonstrated through the nomograph, which we will test at 3 weeks old: https://www.vetmed.wisc.edu/lab/cavids/canine-nomograph-what-is-it/ 

We have not used chemical flea or tick treatments, until our move to Oregon, when it became a problem, we are coupling natural flea and tick repellent, but only advise 'as needed' chemical treatments, used sparingly.  We use biodegradable natural cleaners (such as baking soda and vinegar) and rely on a combination of traditional and homeopathic vets. 

If you are not interested, or unwilling, to consider alternatives, my puppies are not for you. I'm willing to talk about my experiences, and positive results. If we chose one another, we will share all I've learned and personal experiences, for the life of our dogs. My only goal is to protect, not poison.  
If you are considering submitting an application, please scroll below for more information about how we raise our puppies and our expectations. 
CH. Collina d'Oro Miss Marple at Scotian (Agatha)
Amos dai Riferimanti, BCAT (Czechmate)

Due August 25, 2022